New research from the Oral Health Foundation and Colgate-Palmolive has indicated that over half the UK population is neglecting their teeth during lockdown.  This ranges from an increase in unhealthy foods and alcohol – both of which can have damaging impact to teeth – right through to the one in five people that say they have not been brushing their teeth twice daily during lockdown.

The research also states that 18% have not visited a dentist for more than two years. This, as well as the apparent drop in personal dental care, is a likely contributor to the one in three (36%) that have reported toothache during the pandemic, with 9% suffering for longer than two weeks.

Mike Griffin, lead technician and owner of DentureTech Laboratory in Bedford said: “I totally understand how easy it is: you’re at home, not going out, living in PJ bottoms – it’s easy to let things slide, and maybe brushing your teeth isn’t a top priority – especially if you’re not going to speak to anyone! That said – it’s so important that it people make it a top priority.  Particularly with the increase in consumption of food and drink – keeping your teeth clean is essential.” 

As well as the obvious benefits of good dental hygiene, keeping your mouth healthy is also proven to lower your risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer, dementia and other serious illnesses. 

“Dental Health is like a pension,” Michael added. “You need to be ‘paying in’ to your future by keeping your teeth clean now.  If you get to the point where you need us to create dentures or implants for you, your dentist will need to be able to take impressions of your teeth.  If you’ve let them rot away, that process is going to be harder, and potentially more costly for you.  Trust me – look after them while you’ve got them!”

DentureTech’s Top 3 Tips:

#1  Build an effective oral health routine.  The old rules still apply:  brush at least twice daily, and replace your toothbrush every six weeks.  You might like to talk to your dentist about upping your dental game too – consider interdental cleaning using brushes, and using mouthwash and sugar free gum.

#2  Reduce Sugar. If dental hygiene is the equivalent of a dental pension, sugar is the metaphorical bank robber.  For so many health reasons, you are encouraged to reduce your sugar intake: we can’t overstress the dental benefits of this.

#3 Prevention better than Cure.  There are a number of extra steps you can take to keep yourself OUT of laboratories like ours!  Flouride Toothpaste is a great way to prevent dental issues down the track.