Denture Repair Service

Denture Repair Service based in Bedford

Denture Repair Service

At DentureTech Dental Laboratory we understand how distressing it can be when your denture breaks. We also know how important it is for you to continue with everyday life; if the worst happens and your denture accidentally breaks – we offer a denture repair service by appointment as we believe that no-one should suffer the indignity of being without their teeth. We repair dentures with missing teeth, have fractures or have been completely broken.

Important Advice – Please do not glue your denture back together!

As tempting as it may be to try to glue your own denture back together, we strongly advise you not too.  We have seen many cases where panic sets in and a patient uses superglue as a quick fix.  Superglue is not edible, bio-compatible and it severely damages the acrylic that your denture is manufactured from, meaning that your false teeth may be not be repairable and you may need a new denture entirely, which can be costly. Please only see a fully qualified dental technician or dentist to repair your denture.

Our fully qualified Dental Technicians charge £50.00 for our one hour repair service, Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00. Please ensure you call and book an appointment.  For out of hours charges, please call for an appointment and quote.

Call 01234 910190 or 07902 198392 to speak to a fully qualified Dental Technician today.

How to find us

DentureTech are located in central Bedford, close to Robinson swimming pool.  Please bring change for parking as the area surrounding us is metered.

DentureTech Laboratory Limited, 62 Park Road West, Bedford, MK41 7SL

Telephone: 07902 198392