Google searches for “Are Dentists Open in Lockdown” are up 120% in the past week. (Source – The Daily Telegraph – Thursday 23rd April 2020)

It’s been announced that lock-down will continue for at least three more weeks. Since this announcement, we’ve noticed an increase in people contacting us for repairs. They were willing to wait out the discomfort for a short time, but as uncertainty continues, repairs are becoming a real emergency.

Whilst many dental surgeries may not be open for routine appointments, many remain in a position to offer emergency treatment – although they are increasingly pushed.

DentureTech is currently OPEN for emergency repairs only.  This means that if you have a problem with your denture, you can come to us direct.  If you would like an emergency consultation or repair, please call our out-of-hours hotline – 07902 198392 or email

Stay safe.

Mike & Fabio